Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi friends. I know it has been a while but we really haven't had anything new since the last court date. We have been sitting around and visiting Sasha everyday. Our next and hopefully final court date is on the 19th. Then I will go home and Caroline will stay to finish up the process. I will flood the internet with the videoas and pictures when I get home, our connection here is not great and videos won't load so I have just been saving them and will load them ASAP. Sasha is doing well and she is excited to see us everyday. She still introduces us to everybody as her Mama and Papa. We have bought here alot of new clothes and some nice dolls for the trip. She is a wonderful little girl. The orphanage she is at is very good and they pay alot of attention to the children. There are several children here who need adopting so if you are in the state of mind to do so it is very rewarding.

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